Movie Fancy Dress UK

As there have been some incredible characters brought to life by movies and TV, there have been an equally impressive number of fancy dress costumes to emulate them.

This site is here to show a few of those great costumes that are out there in the market today. There are all your favourite heroes and villains from the world of movies, television and comic books; characters from Avatar, Batman, Star Wars and Spider-man are among the most popular of these creations. But there are a few more obscure costumes out there from your favourite film or TV show. You’d be surprised.

Here you’ll find inspiration for your next themed party, Halloween or any excuse to get dressed up! The icons of cinema are the perfect place to start when trying to come up with fancy dress costume ideas. Usually instantly recognisable, these characters have permeated the public consciousness. Who do you know that hasn’t heard of Darth Vader, Indiana Jones or James Bond? If they haven’t get them in front of those movies STAT!

Enjoy the costumes featured on this blog, as well as stuff on upcoming films too. And feel free to comment about suggestions – would love to hear from you.

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