Argh! Another Pirate Party

There’s no denying, a Pirate Party is a great theme for a child’s birthday. The first of my own birthday parties that I can remember was pirate themed, and I remember standing proud in my torn yellow t-shirt, stripy skull-cap, wonky moustache and brandishing a mean looking cutlass! I think that when I have kids of my own I’ll definitely be throwing a Pirate Party for them, even if it’s just so I can look on in jealous rage! Here’s how I’d do it.


Image by Nicolas Raymond via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Treasure-y Tableware

For an authentic setting you really need to set the scene! To do this I’d head for themed Pirate tableware, and include a fun centrepiece treasure chest packed full of sweets that could be raided afterwards. Inside the chest I’d put edible jewellery, like necklaces and bracelets as well as a hoard of chocolate gold coins too! In and around the area I’d drape some Jolly Roger flags, have black pirate balloons and a menagerie of blow-up animals, such as crabs, seagulls and sharks!

Pirate Fancy Dress

On the way in to the party I’d like to give each guest (and parent!) an eye patch and a goody bag. As a kid I used to love getting a goody bag, with a little toy and a few sweets, but by the time you got the bag (at the end of the party) you had nobody to play with! So I would plan to give them out first thing as the crew boards the ship. To keep everything pirate-y I would ask that any parent accompanying their child makes an effort and dresses up too if possible!


Whilst my own pirate party was hosted in the living room of the family’s terrace house, if I were to throw a party now I’m all grown up, I’d be sure to opt for a jungle-gym play area. The only problem with a jungle-gym is the number of guests would most likely be restricted; as such an area can cost a bit to rent out. On the other hand the benefit of this amazing venue is the amount of fun that the kids can have is at its max! I’ve always thought “where better to tie in with a Pirate theme?” after all, a jungle gym usually has rigging galore, many narrow planks and obstacles to walk, a sea of balls and absolutely no risk of drowning!

I hope that you’ve liked my take on a Pirate Party and can take some inspiration for throwing your own swashbuckling adventure!

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