Beetlejuice Fancy Dress

Beetlejuice Fancy Dress

The beetlejuice fancy dress costume

We all remember that creepy, hilarious character from the 1980’s film by Tim Burton… Beetlejuice (or more properly Betelgeuse, but most American’s couldn’t understand the proper spelling!) describes himself as ‘a freelance bio-exorcist’, preying on the ‘recently deceased’ in order to get out of the current situation he is in.

This Beetlejuice fancy dress costume brings back some real old good fashion creepy humour and we’re glad that it’s available from a number of online fancy dress retailers!  The costume features the black and white stripey jailbird suit, black tie and shaggy white wig… all you need to add is white and black face paint!  Wear with a pair of army or long black boots for the perfect imitation.  You’re never going to look exactly like beetlejuice (unless you look like Michael Keaton and can pull the same sort of funny faces!) but this costume is as near as you’re going to get…

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One Response to Beetlejuice Fancy Dress

  1. Steph says:

    Awesome costume! Anthing Tim Burton related is a winner.. I’m going to have to do a Tim Burton fancy dress party for next Halloween, and this will be the star of the show!