Sexy Spin on Costume Design

There’s no better way to make an impact at a party that turning up and impressing everyone by looking simply amazing.  Of course there’s many ways to do this, perhaps you’ll have an awesome hand-made costume, or maybe you’ll come up with an incredible costume idea or wear something extremely controversial?  The default way most people like to show off is of course by looking damn sexy; this is especially true for ladies and athletic guys.  For the ladies it’s common to see them turn up to a party in a costume aimed to be cute / sexy.  Whether you think it’s a good or bad thing, the aim of a fancy dress costume is always to grab attention.

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Argh! Another Pirate Party

There’s no denying, a Pirate Party is a great theme for a child’s birthday. The first of my own birthday parties that I can remember was pirate themed, and I remember standing proud in my torn yellow t-shirt, stripy skull-cap, wonky moustache and brandishing a mean looking cutlass! I think that when I have kids of my own I’ll definitely be throwing a Pirate Party for them, even if it’s just so I can look on in jealous rage! Here’s how I’d do it.


Image by Nicolas Raymond via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Kids Clothing and Endearing Animals

If you want to dress your kids in great clothes that you love and that they will enjoy too then you can’t do better than to choose garments featuring cute animals. There are some wonderful styles available which are right on trend but which your little ones will really treasure. With so many great choices available you can create your own safari in the wardrobe! Here are some wonderful wildlife options to consider.


Take a look at the Jean Gustav collection from ethical Spanish brand Bobo Choses. These lovely garments feature a cute elephant wearing a hat and are bold, colourful unisex styles for pre-school kids and older. For tiny tots the Organics for Kids cotton Elephant Romper has a parade of elephants marching trunk to tail across the suit. For playing outside I just love the Celavi kids red wellington boots with little white elephants.


Giraffes are always a popular motif especially since the success of the Madagascar movies featuring the lovable hypochondriac Melman. The Finger in the Nose collection includes a lovely Dina the giraffe T shirt for kids up to 9 years and you have got to love the Hooligans African Adventure girls giraffe bloomer set available in four sizes up to 24 months. For funky footwear try the Hide & Squeak Giraffe Mary Jane girl’s style. These are adorable little shoes with a giraffe skin pattern for toddlers.Lion

No safari collection would be complete without a lion! Olive and Moss have a great selection for small children featuring Louis the Lion. The range even includes a hat with lion ears and a cute bib! For lovers of the Lion King Disney have a wonderful range of kid’s clothes with Simba and his friends and who could resist the Hooligans girl’s lion top with its rather princessy lioness motif? Even Abercrombie and Fitch have got in on the act with their boy’s lion muscle t shirts if you are looking for something classy.Bear

If North America is more your style than African safari think bears! Winnie the Pooh and Yogi are always popular characters but for something a little more original check out the Bamboo Baby bear booties. When it comes to kids clothing bears are certainly more fun than fearsome! For young adventurers a different kind of bear, Bear Grylls, has his own clothing range for child explorers in the making!Whale

There is something irresistible about whales. No visitor to Seaworld escapes without falling in love with Shamu and do you remember the movie Free Willy? If your kids adore these giants of the seas then check out The Beau Loves range which includes a wonderful unisex baby whale sweatshirt and matching t shirt in black and white.Choices

Whatever animals your kids adore you will be able to find something to please them which is practical and within your budget. Whether it is the wildlife of the African savannah, the humble domestic cat or creepy critters that they love dress them with a sense of fun and adventure!Sally Stacey, who has written on a variety of subjects from fashion to travel.

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