Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger will soon be punching its way onto movie screens as the latest in Marvel’s line of superhero movies. Along with other heroes such as Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk he became the head of The Avengers. Fans of Marvel Comics have been waiting patiently for their heroes to finally team up. But before we reach the heady days of all these superheroes in the same film, let’s have a look at Captain America’s story.

In the comic books, Captain America was originally the rather sickly Steve Rogers, who loses both his parents to illness. The young man attempts to join the US Army to fight during World War II, but is rejected due to his ill health. However, Rogers is chosen to become a guinea pig for the Government’s secret testing program.

A special serum is created, and when drinking it, Rogers becomes much, much stronger. The Super-Soldier Serum creates Captain America, a special agent design to take on the Axis forces or the Second World War. Of course, every superhero has to have an arch enemy, and Captain America is no exception. The Red Skull is the personification of evil, and serves as punchbag in many of Captain America’s adventures.

Chris Evans, famous for bringing the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch to life, turns his had to Captain America.  The film also stars Tommy Lee Jones (also no stranger to the comic book film, playing Two Face in 1995’s Batman Forever), who plays Colonel Chester Phillips.  Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, Lord Of The Rings) plays the villainous Red Skull – surely worth the admission price alone!

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  1. Jeff says:

    I love captain america, can’t wait for this film! Awesome costume, I might have to organise a Marvel fancy dress night soon.