Children’s Fancy Dress – Masks

If your child has an upcoming fancy dress party to attend or you’re simply looking for a fun activity for a rainy weekend, then making a fancy dress mask can be an excellent idea to kill some time or to help save some money on a costume.

Using materials commonly found at home you can easily produce masks which can be worn by your children as part of a costume for a school play, a party or just for fun. Simply choose the character of your choice and select a large image of the head or face from online. Using your printer you can print out this image to the correct size, making sure that it covers enough of the face. Depending on the character, you may wish to use coloured ink or simply black. Using black ink only can have a great effect should you be using a character from a black and white comic book or movie.

Once all printed, raid your cupboards and look for an old cereal box. Sometimes families use air-tight containers, if you’re one of those then make sure you put aside some spare cardboard from the boxes as opposed to discarding it when you first buy the cereal. Cereal box cardboard is perfect for this task as it’s flexible enough to bend around the face slightly.

The next step is sticking the sheet of paper to the card, doing this before cutting will mean you will get the correct shape and only have to cut once! To stick you can use glue such as PVA. Once dry cut out around the outline of the face. If you plan on letting children carry out this part of the task then of course use safety scissors if possible. Once cut out, make sure that you remember to cut out two eye holes too so that you can see when using the mask!

At this stage you should have a paper face of your favourite character backed on flexible cereal box cardboard. To make sure that the mask stays in place you will need either elastic or a spare shoelace. Using a hole punch make a hole in both sides of the mask, one in each ear if you like. Make sure these holes are far enough from the edge of the mask so that the mask will not tear under the pressure of being put onto the face. Tie on the shoe laces or elastic and adjust so that the mask will fit the head of the intended wearer perfectly.

You now have an excellent homemade mask, perfect for a fancy dress party, school play or just for fun. If you’re careful with your mask you may be able to be able to make it last and get to wear it a few times in the future too.

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