Sexy Spin on Costume Design

There’s no better way to make an impact at a party that turning up and impressing everyone by looking simply amazing.  Of course there’s many ways to do this, perhaps you’ll have an awesome hand-made costume, or maybe you’ll come up with an incredible costume idea or wear something extremely controversial?  The default way most people like to show off is of course by looking damn sexy; this is especially true for ladies and athletic guys.  For the ladies it’s common to see them turn up to a party in a costume aimed to be cute / sexy.  Whether you think it’s a good or bad thing, the aim of a fancy dress costume is always to grab attention.

You’ll notice that come Halloween or New Year’s Eve there’ll be plenty of ladies choosing an animal to dress up as and then taking their own.. unique.. take on it.  There are alternatives out there should you wish to have a nice fitting costume especially designed to grab attention however, and it doesn’t have to be DIY. For example you could have a professionally designed animal bodysuit to replace your handmade job and wow the crowds!  One company taking a thoughtful approach to the sexy costume market is Leg Avenue.

Leg Avenue costumes are the perfect way to flaunt in style and there’s plenty of costumes to choose from.  You’ll find everything in their collections from animal bodysuits to rave costumes as well as all of the typical themes that you could want access to, such as mafia, pirate and fairytales amongst others.

Quite fitting to, Leg Avenue has a wide variety of costumes that could tie in perfectly with a movie theme.  You will see fairytale costumes, like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White as well as costumes clearly relating to some of our favourite comic book heroes!

Leg Avenue is known for the high quality costumes they make and how much punch they can pack!  Here in the UK it can be hard to find a stockist of these great costumes, however there is one retailer I know that has an extensive collection of Leg Avenue Costumes and that’s Dazzle Fancy Dress, based in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire; and the best thing is that these guys have an E-commerce website too!

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